Saturday, April 21, 2012


I really don't understand this series so far between the Mets and Giants. On Friday night, Bruce Bochy managed a game he deserved to lose but won. Today, Terry Collins did the same with his Mets.

I know you want Mike Pelfrey to get some confidence and maybe that's why you take him out after 102 pitches, but he only threw handful of pitches in the 8th. At the very least, why not have him start the 9th with a 4-1 lead?

And if you're going to Francisco in the 9th, stick with him. He's your closer. If he can't be trusted with a 3-run lead, then why the fuck is he even on the roster in the first place?

Just a very frustrating win, if there is such a thing. Awful defense by both teams, awful decisions by both managers.

Game 14: Mets 5, Giants 4

2012 Mets record: 8-6

PS - Shut the fuck up, Buster. It was a clean play. Sorry sweetie, catchers get run into sometimes.


  1. Posey should do two things. First, he should change the "o" in his last name to a "u" to more accurately reflect what he sounds like when he bitches about being grazed at home plate. And second, he should be thankful it wasn't Ty Wigginton barreling towards him. He'd be back on the DL with a dislocated vagina in that case.