Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One of These Nights

Yup. One of these nights in Atlanta tonight.

Not much to say when Johan Santana had the shortest start of his career and only got four outs.

I was going to mention something about the Mets starting pitching being pretty solid before tonight. Dating back to Santana's start against the Boner, the Mets' starters turned in five solid starts in a row before the wheels came off tonight.

Anyway, not much you can do about tonight. Just come back tomorrow and take the series.

On a side note, the Mets are going to honor Jose Reyes during his return to NY next week. I'm OK with it, to a degree. After all, he did leave for a division rival in the prime of his career (and in a way I wasn't crazy about), so it's not like Piazza coming back with the Padres or something like that. But he was an exciting player when healthy and spent 9 years in blue & orange, so that's what matters. It's not like he was a division rival on his farewell tour...

Game 11: Braves 9, Mets 3

Mets 2012 record: 7-4

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