Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Night Lifeless

What happened to the edgy Saturday Night Live? The show that wasn’t afraid to break the rules and take on all authority, regardless of political party?

I only ask because they never tweak Obama at all, except for a shitty Fred Armisen impression and even then, he plays the straight role surrounded by a bunch of buffoons. I’m not expecting or wanting an Amos n Andy “looky here” routine but show some fucking balls and make fun of the guy in charge if and when it’s warranted.

SNL has no problem lampooning Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and to a degree, Biden. And rightfully so since anyone in the public eye is fair game for satire and those provide plenty of ammo. But if you’re gonna bust balls, do it across the board. Don’t just cherry pick who you attack for political reasons. This isn’t a political gripe, since I think EVERYONE is ripe for some jokes. Obama, Hillary, Biden, Romney, Palin, everyone. 

Satire is satire, comedy is comedy, don’t hold back because you’re afraid to ruffle some feathers.

1 comment:

  1. Best. Sollywood. Ever.

    We long for the days of Farrell as Bush. Hammond/Hartman as Clinton. Carvey as Bush...

    They don't even do Romney well. About the funniest bit they've done with republicans is when they were doing that debate and Ron Paul was in the parking garage and he kicked the assses of would-be kidnappers.