Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's always nice when a team that was hitting a robust .220 comes into Citi Field and scores 11 runs and bangs out 18 hits. Petco or not, .220 is still .220 and this is a team that's 28th in average, 29th in runs scored, and DEAD FUCKING LAST in slugging. More proof that the Mets pitching is the common cure for any batting slump.

That said, if SD's ownership ever gave a shit about payroll, they could contend in that division. They have a pretty decent core of Maybin, Alonso, and Headley. Volquez, Bass, and Luebke have the makings of a good rotation. It's a nice start but not enough.

As for the Mets, David Wright had three more hits and is now hitting .405. Suck my dick, Matt Cain.

Three more against the Friars, including Banner Day on Sunday. Nope, not jealous about that at all.

Game 45: Padres 11, Mets 5

Mets 2012 record: 24-21

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Niese and Easy

I don't have much for today's rubber game between the Mets and Pirates but mostly because it shouldn't have been a rubber game. It should have been a sweep and I can't get excited for a series the Mets SHOULD have won anyway.

But Niese looked good, pitching into the 8th inning while only giving up 1 run. Oh, and Wright "slumped" to .399... so there's that.

Game 44: Mets 3, Pirates 1
Mets 2012 record: 24-20

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi loyal reader(s), I'm back after a two-week sabbatical. I don't really see myself as a writer so I guess I just had "block."

I don't think I've missed much with my daily Mets recaps, with them going 6-7 during my hiatus. More on them later.

My post tonight is going to deal with my other two teams - the New York Giants and the New Jersey Devils.

It's funny that the team I love the most of the three has been the least successful in terms of championships. The Mets have only won the World Series twice (Pre-Joo in 1969, and of course in 1986) while the Giants have won the Super Bowl four times, and the Devils have skated with the Stanley Cup three times.

What amazes me is not just how many times they've won but WHEN they won. Sure the Mets won in 1986 but I was on the verge of turning 11 and not really getting baseball. The Giants not only won in the 1986 season but also the 1990 season (thanks Norwood), as well as the recent triumphs over the fucking Patriots. The Devils won in 1995 (the lockout really soured me on hockey) and in 2000 and 2003, so you could say my "adult" life has been blessed in terms of football and hockey. Shit, the Devils are two wins away from ANOTHER Stanley Cup finals.

I absolutely feel spoiled when it comes to those two sports. Not that I don't relish the victories but a Mets WS win is going to be that much sweeter if and when it happens again. I don't know much but I know Frank Francisco won't be around when it does. Fuck that guy with Thor's hammer.  And his cock.

Game 43: Mets 3, Pirates 2

Mets 2012 record: 23-20

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two outs? No problem!

Admittedly, I had one eye on the Mets and the other on the Devils-Flyers game. Both wound up having very exciting results.  The Devils won 3-1 to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals where the Mets beat up on yet another Philadelphia team. The Phillies had a quick 4-0 start and I figured this was done early.  Most of the night it was, until the Mets exploded for four two-out runs to tie it in the top of 7th. Some choppy Philly defense led to that 5th tie-breaking run and then Nieuwenhuis and Duda added a pair of RBIs in the 9th to make it 7-4. More than enough for this bullpen. 4 shutout innings last night, another 4 shutout innings tonight. You just never know with these guys but I love that they never quit, no matter who they're playing.

Game 30: Mets 7, Phillies 4

Mets 2012 record: 17-13

Monday, May 7, 2012


No he didn't blow a save but goddamn that was a nice win tonight.

Jordany Valdespin played the hero role tonight, slamming a pinch hit 3-run HR off Jonathan Papelbon to lead the Mets to a come from behind 5-2 win over the Phillies.

Jon Niese was on the ropes most of the night but the Phillies couldn't put him away, and he left the game after only giving up two runs over five innings. Considering he threw 101 pitches, he's lucky the score wasn't worse.

The bullpen came up huge in a couple of tough spots, including a bases loaded jam when Hunter Pence hit into a routine 6-4-3 interference play. Fuck Victorino and his "who, me?" attitude. You're a dirty, whiny little bitch.

I know it's May but this was a fun win.

Game 29: Mets 5, Phillies 2

Mets 2012 record: 16-13


OK let's just run down all the box office records set by "The Avengers", courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  • Best 3-day weekend of all-time ($207M)
  • Fastest to $100M, $150M, and $200M
  • Highest per-theater average
  • Highest IMAX debut ($15M)
I've always dug box office numbers, being a hook-nose Joo and all, but I'm reading into them with a grain of salt.

Tickets are more expensive today, plus you have to factor in 3D and IMAX prices.

It was a great popcorn movie, a nice way to kick off the summer, but stop with all the "biggest movie of all-time" shit. When it's all said and done, I don't think "The Avengers" will be topping this list.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reliable Dickey

Very nice game today. Dickey's been so automatic the last couple of years that I'm running out of things to say about him.

He pitched into the 9th and the offense did just enough to wind up taking the series from Arizona. If not for well, Ike, this could have been a sweep.

Now on to Philly.
Game 28: Mets 3, Diamondbacks 1

Mets 2012 record: 15-13

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fuck Blackouts

I really don't understand the Fox Saturday blackouts. What's the point? Why in today's age of technology should I be limited to a regional game? Shouldn't fans be encouraged to watch teams they normally wouldn't? Don't force the Brewers-Giants game on me, give me a choice of what to watch. The Orioles are playing well, I'd love to watch them on a Saturday afternoon. Fuck you MLB, for ditching your nationally televised Game of the Week in favor of a quick buck from Fox. And fuck you Fox, for telling me what I should watch and blacking out everything else. Fuck you with the rustiest of nails.

It's 2012 - give us the choice or at least give us a non-regional game. That's how you promote the game. That's how you promote teams not named the Yankees or Red Sox.

At least with football, I can find a link (that might or might not be legal) to the Giants game. But with Saturday baseball, Fox clamps down like a fucking pitbull. I wound up streaming the audio from today's Dbacks-Mets game, and while I love the WFAN coverage, give me the choice of TV or radio. I paid for, I should get the tv part every single day.

Anyway, as for today's game... the Mets scored four runs for Johan Santana for the second straight start and the bullpen actually saved this one, earning Santana his first win since September of 2010. I stand corrected on Andres Torres - he's been outstanding since his return from the DL. He's played in five games and had a hit & RBI in all five.

Game 27: Mets 4, Diamondbacks 3

Mets 2012 record: 14-13

Friday, May 4, 2012


I don't think I missed much tonight with the Mets & DBacks. Looked like another blah showing.

If it's not the starting pitching, it's the bullpen. If it's not the offense, it's the defense. Seems to be the mark of your typical .500 team.

Game 26: Diamondbacks 5, Mets 4

Mets 2012 record: 13-13

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When you lose two in a row to the fucking ASTROS, you don't deserve a recap.

Game 24: Astros 6, Mets 3

Mets 2012 record: 13-11

Houston, We Have A Shitty Loss

This one's going to Terry Collins.

If you can get a scoreless inning out of Manny F. Acosta, why push your luck by sending him out there for another inning? I understand you ideally want Rauch out there with a lead to protect, but what's the difference?  It's the fucking Astros. I'm pretty sure Rauch could handle a lead or a tie game.

As for the offense, I don't know what Andres Torres bring to this team. Nieuwenhuis is sticking around at the leadoff spot, and rightfully so... so I don't know what Torres can do hitting 7th. Or 8th. Or 9th. Or 1st through 6th in the order.  Sorry, just not a fan of another AAAA outfielder masquerading as a legit ballplayer. God knows the Mets have had enough of those over the years.

Still, to finish April not only over .500, but three games over was a very nice surprise. Let's see what May brings.

Game 23: Astros 4, Mets 3

Mets 2012 record: 13-10