Friday, April 20, 2012

Jason Kay...again

Dear Jason:

All you had to do was hit a fly ball.

Even a ground ball could have done something.

A single would have been nice but I wasn't greedy.

Here's what you don't want to do down a run in extra innings with runners at 2nd and 3rd and 1 out:


Thanks for nothing, you douche. I don't even care that you turned a 3-0 game into 3-1 earlier that night. Where were you when a simple out would have been productive? The fences were moved in for you. Do you need it on a fucking tee too?

I saw a stat on SNY that said something to the effect of the Mets having the best 1-3 hitters in terms of BA and OBP but their 4-6 are ranked something like 27th in those categories. You're not going to win many games leaving a small army on the bases. It's not JUST Bay, but he's going to take the brunt of the criticism and rightfully so. You're the one making the money, you're gonna take some shit.

Goddamn it anyway. This was another winnable game, with the Giants offense going 2-14 with RISP and with Bruce Bochy doing his best "manage an April game like an October game" impression.  Seven pitchers, Boche? I know losing Wilson sucks but seven pitchers?

One positive: Kirk Nieuwenhuis looked great AGAIN and to me, has earned the right to play CF every day, regardless of the health of Andres Torres. Let's see what the kid can do long-term.

It seemed like a loooong time ago when this team was 4-0, getting strong starting pitching and clutch hits. I'm getting tired of writing "Opponent (number), Mets (numbers)" below.

Game 13: Giants 4, Mets 3

2012 Mets record: 7-6

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  1. LOL!! I can't believe the Giants won this game tonight with fuckhead BoTchy doing what he does best, mismanaging the bullpen!! I mean Zito makes two mistakes and you take him out after 5?? Then he takes Casilla out after 2 motherfuckin pitches! Why didn't he ever do that with Wilson that stupid motherfucker?!?! The Giants did everything in their power to lose this game and the Mets let them off the hook.