Monday, May 7, 2012


OK let's just run down all the box office records set by "The Avengers", courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  • Best 3-day weekend of all-time ($207M)
  • Fastest to $100M, $150M, and $200M
  • Highest per-theater average
  • Highest IMAX debut ($15M)
I've always dug box office numbers, being a hook-nose Joo and all, but I'm reading into them with a grain of salt.

Tickets are more expensive today, plus you have to factor in 3D and IMAX prices.

It was a great popcorn movie, a nice way to kick off the summer, but stop with all the "biggest movie of all-time" shit. When it's all said and done, I don't think "The Avengers" will be topping this list.


  1. Biggest movie of all time? No. Best PLANNED movie of all time? Absolutely. Marvel has outdone any other movie franchise of all time, by bringing together 3 widely popular movies (and The Incredible Hulk) and rolling them all into one fantastic new franchise. VERY smart, in my opinion.

  2. Oh yeah, very slick marketing going back to the first IM flick in '08. I don't know if they can keep churning these out, year after year though.

    1. As long as the quality remains (which of course, only time will tell), they have found the perfect set of actors for these roles, and unless any of these guys gets bored real soon, I could easily see Marvel/Disney rolling these out for at least the next 10+ years. Sam L. and Marvel have a contract for at least another 6 movies, I believe.