Friday, February 10, 2012

TD or not TD?

As I bask in the glow of yet another Giants Super Bowl win over the Patriots, I’m debating whether or not the Giants should have taken more time off the clock as the game was winding down. I really do see both sides of the argument.
On one hand, you want to kill as much clock as possible so you don’t leave Brady with time to march down the field. You’re really playing with fire giving Brady 57 seconds and a time out. As it turned out, he was THISCLOSE to completing what would have been the most amazing finish in Super Bowl history.  If Gronk’s ankle was fine, we're not having this debate, and I’m still wiping the blood out of my eyes. 

On the other hand, nothing’s a given, and you take the points when you can get them, especially if the defense is letting you score. Say Bradshaw went down at the 1, was it a lock that he was going to score on the next three tries? It was Bradshaw who fumbled earlier in the game, not to mention the non-fumble call in the 49ers game two weeks earlier. Even if the Giants decided to kick a field goal, those aren’t gimmes either.  Just ask the Ravens. I love Tynes but anything can happen in that situation. Bad snap, he slips, whatever.

What say you guys?


  1. run slow, stand at the goal line, hold the football, and let the defense push you into the end zone. TOUCHDOWN GIANTS!

  2. The argument of if Gronk's ankle was healthy does not weigh in to the Hail Mary discussion, because had his ankle been healthy he'd have been able to catch the pass that Blackburn intercepted. Had that happened, NE drive would continue...