Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Garbage

I don't really like referencing Justin Drew on this site, on Facebook, or on my podcast (found RIGHT HERE!), but I have to give him credit for introducing a new term to my vocabulary: Hot Garbage. I don't remember the context in which he said it, and since it's Justin, it doesn't really matter.

Point is, I was thinking of that term last night when I was at Petco Park watching the Padres host the Mets (with both teams wearing AWESOME 1989 retro jerseys). The old saying goes "You root for the laundry"... well last night I literally was rooting for the laundry, as the '89 jersey was the only reason (outside of Dickey) to crack a smile last night. Not that 1989 was a fun year, with the Mets trading Lenny Dykstra to the Phils the SAME fucking day we headed to Philly to watch them play.  True story.

Dykstra, Wilson, Carter, and Hernandez all left after '89... remind me again why the Mets agreed to play along with the Padres on this one?

Anyway, hot garbage time. R.A. Dickey pitched very well but was the victim of some putrid defense behind him. I'm looking at you, Scott Hairston and Josh Thole.

Hairston is what he is, a glorified bench player in his walk year. But at least he offers something with his bat. Thole brings nothing to the table except a giant pair of pussy lips. I'm not asking for Johnny Bench but at least hold on to the fucking ball when a runner is trying to break up a 1-1 tie. Easy for me to scream at Thole (and I did) while pudgy Carlos Quentin is colliding with him, but it's Thole's job to make the play, especially when Quentin was out by 15 feet.

And if the offense decided to score more than 1 run on 9 fucking hits, that would have been swell. I know it was '80s night but that wasn't Mark Davis on the mound, it was Clayton Fucking Richard. Outside of Hairston, they're getting no production from their outfield and their catcher position is the biggest black hole since Oprah's snatch. If Wright and Davis are cold, this lineup is DEAD.

Dickey deserved better. This was a winnable game against an awful team. No more hot garbage, please.

Game 107: Padres 3, Mets 1
Mets 2012 record: 52-55

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