Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the winner is...

No one after today's announcement. I have nothing against this year's crop of Best Picture nominees but I just feel underwhelmed when looking at this list. I still plan on seeing "The Artist" and would like to see "Hugo," but nothing screams BEST PICTURE the way it used to in previous years. I enjoyed "The Help," "War Horse," and "The Descendants," but the sizzle just isn't there this year.

I know every year can't be 19761989, or 1994 (Gump winning over Pulp AND Shawshank is still a fucking joke but that's for another time), but this can't be the best Hollywood has.

Maybe it's because I'm bitter that Scorsese is being given the love this year that he so deserved for this and this. Maybe it's because my favorite all-time comedian bowed out as Oscar host.

Things should pick up next year, with a new Tarantino flick and Spielberg's "Lincoln" on the horizon. Until then, I'll just have sweet sweet Sly to keep me warm.

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  1. When Forrest Gump won over Pulp Fiction in 1994, I almost choked on my Royale With Cheese...or was it a Big Kahuna Burger?